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Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club was founded and organized under the leadership of Dianne Bozeman in January of 2000. The club is organized and will be operated exclusively for student academic enhancement, through tutorial work stations, students mentoring students, related scientific purposes and projects, and community service in the furtherance of promoting enthusiasm and interest within students and the community at large, thereby increasing knowledge and performance in the field of computer science and its applications.


Since its inception the Computer Science Club members have held numerous seminars involving its members, faculty of the Computer Science Department at Alabama A&M University and members of the Corporate community. The topics of the seminars mentioned above consist of "How to Build not Kill Your PC", "What is a Computer", "How Algorithms Work in C++", and "Computer Forensics". Recruiters from IBM in Atlanta, Georgia shared with the club members the art of interviewing, good resume techniques, and the importance of a good GPA. Our members that have graduated with 3.0 or better are presently employed with great jobs. One of our members was presented with a scholarship from the Tom Joiner Foundation which aided in paying off student loans. Most of our members are on academic scholarships from the University or Private Institutions. With such talent we have offered tutors to other students which enhanced their academic performance.

For further questions, please contact us at:

Computer Science Club
Alabama A&M University
Normal, Al  35762
Telephone: (256) 372-8274