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Programs, Services and Events

Career Development Services (CDS) provides a variety of programs, services and events to help students achieve their professional goals.

  • Career counseling
  • Online resources such as Handshake
  • Resume critiques and referrals
  • Career Development Seminar Course, CDS 301
  • Dining etiquette workshops
  • Interview prep via workshops and mock interviews
  • Assistance with securing internships, co-ops, part-time jobs and career opportunities
  • Professional development workshops
  • Career fairs and part-time job fairs
  • Employer information sessions
  • Graduate and Professional School Expo
  • Interview Day and on-campus interviews
  • Career Week
  • Career Preparedness Week
  • Federal Employment Preparation Week
  • Youth Motivation Task Force Outreach Program
  • University, Government and Industry Cluster
  • Student Business & Industry Cluster
  • The National Society of Leadership & Success

Career Development Services (CDS) Center educates and assists students and alumni in exploring, clarifying, evaluating and implementing career and employment decisions.  The CDS Center offers a variety of resources to assist students in career preparation activities.  Career Counselors supply guidance on preparation steps, experiences and connections needed to be competitive in the workplace.


  • Assist in identifying career paths by engaging in assessments to discover skills, interests and personality
  • Critique and edit job search correspondence (resumes/cover letters)
  • Provide advice for securing experience (volunteer/internship/research) to help clarify and build qualifications for careers upon graduation
  • Assist with preparing for interviews


Career Counselors advise by Career Communities.  Career Communities allows students in similar career paths to explore, make connections and launch a career.  Communities provide information, opportunities for exploration and experience, and mutual support in a variety of ways.  Through these communities, students cultivate professional skills with guidance from career counselors, industry experts, alumni, faculty and employers in their chosen field of interest.