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Graduate and professional Schools

Full-time employment not in your immediate future, then, consider Graduate/Professional School.  This decision will involve both personal and financial commitments.  Research areas of interest and programs to find a good fit for you.

Graduate school can be the critical next step for achieving your career goals. Before making the investment of time and money on graduate school, be clear about your desired outcome – personally, professionally and financially.

The information and links below provide general information on important topics to be considered in your exploration of graduate school options.

  • Self-Assessment
    • Will a graduate degree position me for a higher starting salary and advancement opportunities?
    • What graduate and professional degree programs exist for my chosen career and where are they located?
    • Am I prepared to seize opportunities while in graduate school to ensure that I finish with marketable experience?
    • Am I ready to take tests, write papers and have lots of reading assignments?
    • Does the thought of going back to school cause anxiety and stress?
    • Talk with professors and professionals in the field you plan to study.
    • The website offers some free resources, application tips and sample essays.
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  • Program Evaluation
    • How long does it take to complete the program of study?
    • How much will it cost (tuition, housing, books, etc.) and will I earn a salary upon graduation that allows me to comfortably repay any loans that might be needed?
    • What are the application procedures and admission requirements?
    • Will the program complete require a thesis, dissertation or comprehensive examinations to successfully complete the program?
    • Does the department or university offer graduate assistantships to help offset the cost of tuition and/or provide work experience?
    • Will I have to participate in an internship, practicum, or field experience?
    • Do I have enough relevant work experience? (Some graduate programs strongly encourage students to get relevant work experience first.)
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  • Planning
    • Develop the Plan-keep a record of requirements and deadlines.
    • Make a list of Schools in which you are interested –Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, ABC University, XYZ Medical School.
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The AAMU Testing Services Center coordinates all University testing activities. Assists academic departments in program evaluation and curriculum assessment activities. Serves as a campus repository for candidate scores for GED campus and PRAXIS assessments. Disseminate score data to appropriate professional personnel to assist in academic advising, curriculum development, career education, and job placement.

The CDS staff can help you to assess if graduate school is the best option for you and help and you develop your resume and personal statement.

Continue to stay engaged with the CDS office for updates regarding posting in Handshake/scheduling and/or promoting graduate/professional schools’ events such as the 2021 Alabama Connection Graduate & Professional School Virtual Expo - Alabama Connection.