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Register with CDS

The Career Development Services Center (CDS) offers a range of resources to help students throughout their career journey. CDS promotes career preparation by providing students with the tools needed to make effective career-planning decisions.

Whether students need assistance with writing a resume, conducting a job search, securing a co-op/internship or a full-time career opportunity we are here to assist.

Students should think of career development as a process that begins early in their college experience and continues throughout their lives. Become familiar with the CDS Center and the resources offered by registering with our office.

Registration Process 

    • Review the online resume guides and follow the instructions provided in the Resume Guide for your college.
    • Use the resume template provided in the resume section to create your customized resume.
    • Name and save your resume in this format: Last Name, First Name, Major.
    • Create an account in VMock and upload your newly created resume and have it reviewed for FREE. Once your resume has been uploaded into VMock, automated feedback will be provided. Complete the recommended changes provided.
    • Once you have completed the recommended changes provided in VMock, contact a CDS Career Counselor to have your resume reviewed and approved.
    • Schedule an appointment with a CDS Counselor or visit the office to participate in a 15-minute drop-in resume critique. Please bring a hard copy at the time of the review.
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    • Activate your profile in Handshake. Some of your information will already be in your Handshake profile.
    • Complete your profile by uploading the CDS APPROVED resume to your completed profile in Handshake.  The Handshake application is integrated with AAMU single sign-on.  Log into your single sign on account to access Handshake.
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    Participate in an Interviewing Skills Workshop, a mock interview to become eligible to participate in on-campus interviews (i.e. Interview Day, employer-requested campus interviews).

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Note: Use your AAMU bulldog university issued email account to log into the online resources mentioned above.

Online Services

VMock provides a 24-7 online instant resume-review tool. This program allows students to upload their resume and have it reviewed for FREE. Feedback is generated and shared with the student so improvements can be made. 

Handshake is a platform that connects students with internships, jobs and career opportunities. Use Handshake to find workshops, events and other career development programs hosted by the CDS Center. The Handshake application is integrated with AAMU single sign-on.  Log into your single sign on account to access Handshake.

Video Tutorials

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