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University Business and Government Cluster

The University Business and Government Cluster serves to promote dialogue between business, government and the University to help identify, develop, and implement programs that ultimately ensure students are best prepared to transition from academia to the workforce. This partnership between education and industry at AAMU helps to improve professional development for the students which, in turn, increases the quality of graduates.

Benefits to Cluster Membership

  • Access to the President, Deans and student leaders. Cluster members do not have to “jump through hoops” to access administration
  • Cluster members have the ability to support and facilitate research efforts conducted at AAMU
  • Employee retention improves; alumni that join cluster organizations are invested in the success of new hires

Cluster Composition

  • Academia, industry, government, Career Development Services and students
  • Terms typically limited to 2-3 years however, some maybe longer

The University Business and Government Cluster is invaluable to delivering our mission of promoting career development and related life planning skills to students and alumni. It provides access to internships and employment opportunities. We believe your engagement and commitment to this program will result in an optimal return on your generous contribution and commitment to AAMU students.

Contact Us: Yvette Clayton or Angel Lee