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Calculating Your GPA

Grading System

AAMU uses a letter system of grading which follows: A-exceptional scholarship; B-distinctively above average; C-average quality; D-barely passing; F-failure; I-incomplete; IP-in progress; W-withdrew. The grade of “P” is used to indicate satisfactory completion of graduate writing and history departmental seminars.

The grade “X” will be assigned for auditing a course; however, no credit will be allowed. Credit for any course in which a student has received a grade of “F” can be obtained only by repeating the course and earning a passing grade.

Grade Point Average

AAMU’s grading system is based on a 4.00 point scale; quality points are assigned as follows: A = 4; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1; F = 0.

Grades of I, P, IP, W and X do not carry quality points, and do not affect a student’s grade point average. Similarly, grades earned at another institution do not affect your GPA.

To calculate your grade-point average: For each class taken, calculate the grade points for the class by multiplying the number of credit hours attempted by the quality-point score for the grade received for the class. (So, for example, a 3-credit hour class in which you received an "A", worth 4 quality points, would be 3x4=12 grade points.) Then total the grade points, total the hours attempted, and divide the total grade points by the total hours attempted.

Example of Calculation of GPA

The table below is a sample calculation for a hypothetical student who received an A for one 3-credit hour class, two B's in a pair of 2-hour classes (so, four hours attempted with a score of B), a C in a 3-hour class, a D in a 2-hour class, and an F in a 3-hour class. Multiply quality points times hours attempted to get our grade points, then total the grade points and hours attempted.

Grade Quality Points (Times) Hours Attempted Grade Points
A 4 x 3 12
B 3 x 4 12
C 2 x 3 6
D 1 x 2 2
F 0 x 3 0
Totals     15 32

Final step: Take the total grade points (in this case 32), and divide by the total hours attempted (in this case 15). 32/15 = 2.13, which is the example student's GPA.