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Transient Students

Students registered at AAMU who desire credits taken at other collegiate institutions to be applied toward their degrees at AAMU must receive approval before enrolling at the other institution. Criteria for approval includes current enrollment at AAMU and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

The completed Transient Student Form must be signed by the student’s advisor and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students who receive such approval must submit official transcripts documenting the work as soon as it is completed, whether they still desire credit for the work or not. The total number of hours taken at another institution, or the sum of credits taken at AAMU and another institution during the same term, cannot exceed the maximum allowed during the same enrollment term at AAMU:

  • 19 credit hours for fall and spring semesters
  • 10 credit hours for an eight- or nine-week summer session

All transfer grades must be “D” or above to be accepted; however, they are not calculated in the average at AAMU.

Advisors will evaluate whether or not the courses for which the student intends to enroll will transfer back to AAMU based on a comparison of course descriptions in the AAMU Bulletin and the bulletin of the institution the students wants to attend.
Approval of transient credit is contingent upon whether the intended course is equivalent to course at AAMU and whether or not they will be accepted by the major department for fulfillment of degree program course requirements.

Students are reminded that they should carefully review the number of credit hours that will be awarded for courses taken at another institution. Since AAMU awards credit for coursework based on semester hours, credit hours awarded for coursework completed at institutions which use a quarter system must be converted to semester hours upon transfer. In some instances, such conversion may result in the student receiving an insufficient number of credit hours to fulfill the required number of semester hours for a course.