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Degree Works

Monitor your degree progress with DegreeWorks. Review academic progress, create Interactive What-If Audits if you're considering a Major/Minor/Concentration change, and more.

DegreeWorks can be found in Self-Service Banner, under the Student tab.

Please refer to our DegreeWorks Student Guide or our DegreeWorks Advisor Guide, or check out the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is a web based tool to help students and advisors monitor student's progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks looks at the requirements for a program of study as well as the coursework completed to create an easy-to-read degree audit.

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  • What is a degree audit?

    A degree audit is an easy-to-read view of a student’s requirements for their program of study. The audit in conjunction with AAMU’s catalog is a checklist of requirements for a degree at Alabama A&M University. The audit is organized in block format displaying requirements for completion of general education, major, concentration and minor. The boxes are a type of checklist; those areas that are complete have a checked box and those that remain are not checked.

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  • How does DegreeWorks prepare a degree audit?

    DegreeWorks takes all the students’ courses from Banner and displays how the courses are applied to the requirements for the student's general education, major, concentration and minor in accordance with the University Catalog.

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  • How current is the information in DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is refreshed every morning from Banner. The information that is updated during the day will be displayed in DegreeWorks the following morning. If updated information is needed to review immediately, students and academic advisors may still be able to use Banner by logging into the student’s account.

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  • May I access DegreeWorks on any computer?

    Yes, any computer with an Internet connection will be able to access Degree Works. Degree Works is a web-based application. It is directly accessible through your AAMU Bulldog student account.

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  • Are grades visible in DegreeWorks?

    Yes. All grades are visible in DegreeWorks. Even transferred grades! At the end of each semester, once grades are processed, you can see them in Degree Works following day.

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  • What does the “@” sign mean in DegreeWorks?

    The @ symbol is a wild card in DegreeWorks. If the symbol appears before numbers it means you may enroll in any subject with the corresponding course numbers, example @ 200 (this means PSY 200, MATH 200, CHEM 200, or any other subject with that number). If the @ appears after a subject it means any number of that subject, example MATH @@@ (this means MATH 133, MATH 231 or any other MATH course). If the symbol appears after a number it means any level of that number is applicable, example MATH 2@@.

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  • Is the information in DegreeWorks confidential?

    Yes. Your information can only be accessed by logging in to your AAMU Banner account. Make sure you log out of your account when you have completed your degree audit review.

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  • How will DegreeWorks benefit students?
    • Students are provided a more personalized advising experience with their Advisors
    • DegreeWorks allows students to review their academic requirements
    • DegreeWorks also allows students to track their degree progress by identifying courses needed
    • Students can plan for registration in future terms
    • Students will be able to view their grades, GPA, Transfer Credits & Registration History
    • Students can create What-If Audits if they’re considering a Major/Minor/Concentration change.
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  • What if my major/minor/concentration is not right on DegreeWorks? Can I change it in DegreeWorks?

    Your major, minor, and/or concentration cannot be changed in DegreeWorks. If your major, minor, or concentration is not right on your degree audit, you must come to the Registrar’s Office to get the Change of Major/Minor/Concentration form and have it signed by the appropriate departments. Once the signatures have been obtained, you must bring the form back to the Registrar’s Office for processing. The updated information with the new major/minor/concentration should now show on your DegreeWorks audit.

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  • Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?

    No. However, DegreeWorks can be used to help you plan for future semesters. If you click on a class still needed for completion, it will give you current/future semester dates, times, and available seats for that class. You still need to obtain an alternate pin from your academic advisor and register online.

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  • I want to change my major. Can DegreeWorks show me where I would stand with my coursework with a new major?

    Absolutely. Use the “What-If” analysis to select the major you are interested in. It will pull an audit that factors in the courses you have completed and what is still required for degree completion..

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