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Dropping and Adding Courses

Classes dropped two or more weeks before final examinations will receive a grade of “W.” The grade and hours of courses with a “W” will not be computed into the grade point average.

All additions to a class roll must be made through Banner Registration or through the Office of the Registrar with a completed drop/add form during the designated period indicated on the University Calendar for the respective semester.

Credit for a course will not be allowed, if the student has not officially enrolled  in the class.  It is a violation of University policy for an instructor to allow a student to remain in his/her class if the student does not appear on the official roster.

The following changes require Dropping or Adding Courses

  • Change from one course to another.
  • Change from one section of a course to another section of the same course.
  • Addition of course(s) to class schedule.
  • Deletion of course(s) from class schedule.
  • Change in section or course due to inserting the wrong call number


  1. Log in to your "Self-Service Banner"
  2. Select the Student Tab
  3. Click on "Registration" and then "Add or Drop Classes"
  4. Select a the current Term and click "Submit"
  5. Enter your "Alternate PIN" which you must obtain from your Academic Advisor and click "Submit".
  6. Click the drop-down arrow next to each course you would like to drop and then click the "Submit Changes" tab.
  1. Obtain a Drop/Add form from the advisor, chairperson, or dean’s office.
  2. Complete the form including the CRN number(s) of the class(es) which are to be dropped and/or added.
  3. Secure the signature of the student’s advisor.
  4. Take form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

NOTE: Students who choose to discontinue all courses enrolled in during a given term must withdraw from AAMU. Withdrawal cannot be done through the Drop/Add procedure.