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Supplemental Instruction Fact Sheet

What is SI?

  • SI is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses.
  • SI is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades.
  • SI is an opportunity to get together with people in their class to compare notes.
  • SI is an opportunity for students to develop study strategies and test themselves before the professor tests them.
  • SI is an occasion for the SI leader to serve as a guide through the new course material.
  • SI attendance is voluntary.

What is an SI leader?

  • SI leaders are students themselves and are prepared to share their study skills and knowledge with other students.
  • SI leaders have taken the course previously with the professor and know the course content.
  • SI leaders will be in class with the students every day, hearing what they hear and reading what they read.
  • SI leaders don’t lecture.
  • SI leaders help students think about the lectures they hear and the books they read.
  • SI leaders help students put the information together during the review sessions.
  • SI leaders help students learn course material more efficiently.

How are SI sessions established?

  • SI leaders will complete a short survey on the first (or second) day of class to find out about students’ schedules.
  • SI leaders will set up three or more review sessions in consistent locations each week at times that are best for the majority of the class.
  • Students may attend one, two, or all of the three or more review sessions.

What is in it for the students?

  • SI review sessions are informal.
  • SI is a place to network and form study groups.
  • If students attend SI sessions regularly, chances are they will earn a better grade.
  • SI learning can also help students learn how to study better for their other courses.