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Student Study Tips and Resources

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These videos were recorded by students sharing tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) session help. The students also share information about the following:

  • Tips for managing your time in college
  • How study groups are helpful for some students
  • Sharing study strategies for students that proved beneficial
  • How to study for tests and exams
  • The importance of meeting with your instructors
  • How participating in classroom discussions help promote learning
  • The positive impact reviewing course material prior to attending class has on student success

Video Tips From Your Peers

[Links to 30-second video tips from current and/or former students]

  • Getting help
  • Time management
  • Study groups
  • Study strategies
  • Preparing for tests
  • Organizing information
  • Meeting with instructors
  • Class participation
  • Reviewing course material
I understood the material better after going over the notes given. I had a difficult time learning because of my own interpretation.
Brandon, Freshman