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Faculty Research Capabilities

Research Expertise Name
Ni-Based Superalloys; Organic and Inorgan­ic Nonlinear Optical Materials; Ion Implanta­tion; Microgravity Research; Solution Soil Moisture Sensors; Bulk Growth of Piezoe­lectric Materials; Scintillator Materials; Tri­boluminescent Materials; Crystal Growth Methods: Melt Single (Nonlinear Optical Materials), Czochralski Crystal Pulling, Bridgman-Stockbarger, Solution (IR Materi­als, Infrared Window, and Dome Materials) Dr. M. Aggarwal
Crystal Growth (U-VI, lll-V Semiconductors and Scintillators) for Nuclear Radiation Detection Applications; Advanced Nuclear Detectors Development; Fabrication, Characterization and Testing; Opto-Electronic Studies (Internal Electric Field Of Crystals), Material Surface And Metal-Semiconductor lnterface Modification; Electronic Characterization (Charge-Transport Properties) Dr. S. Babalola
Sensors; Piezoelectrics; Nanocomposites; Hybrid Energy Harvesting, Organic Electronics, and related Biomedical Sensors; Organic Solar Cells Dr. A. Batra
Optical Diagnostics and Interferometry; Optical Sensors; Nanostructures in Glasses; Laser Materials; Rare-Earth Ion Doped Crystals, Glasses, and Fibers; Glass investigation; Laser Spectroscopy; Optical Hole Burning Studies Dr. R. Bommareddi
Optical actuators, optical switching and nonlinear optics Dr. M. Curley
Sensor Science, Energy Harvesting, Solitons Dynamics, Electro-Optics (Kerr and Pockels Effects), Surface Electrical Current/Voltage Characterization of thin films, Quantum Physics and Quantum Computing.  Dr. M. Edwards

Electrical and Optical Characterization; Optical Sensors; Nano-Based Materials; Devices and their Applications to Optical Communication; Biological and Chemical Sensors; Synthesizing Green Nano-materials

Dr. V. Edwards

Energy Harvesting; Nanocomposite Materials; Infrared Sensors; Perovskite Materials; Thin film and Thick Film Technology; Electrical and Optical Characterization

Dr. P. Guggilla
Testing of COTS Systems in Space Radiation Environments Dr. J. Lassiter
Plasma physics theory and simulations: Astrophysics: Relativistic jets; reconnections: particle acceleration: radiations: General Relativistic Particle-in-cell (GRPIC) simulations of black hole Dr. K. Nishikawa
Micro Sensors and Systems; Fiber Optics; Nano-Based Materials; Photonic Materials and Crystal Devices and their Applications to Optical Communication Dr. P. Ruffin
Optics, Computational Physics; Artificial Neural Networks/Genetic Algorithms Dr. M. Schamschula
Raman Spectroscopy; Chemical Sensors; Remote Sensing; Sensing Food Adulteration; Explosives; Fiber Optics; UV Lithography; Photodegradation Dr. A. Sharma
Optical Metrology (broad area), Optical Instrumentation, Laser Applications, Speckle Metrology (specific area)  Shearography (topic) Dr. R. Sirohi
Satellite Fragmentation; Orbital Debris Dr. A. Tan
Theoretical and Numerical Modeling of: Solar Energetic Particle; Coronal Mass Ejection; Coronal Hole Heating; Plasma Antenna and Diagnostics; Plasma Heating and Fusion; Gravitation and Unification; Neutron Star; Quasar; Gamma-Ray Burst; Black Hole Universe Dr. T. Zhang