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Admission of Undergraduates to Graduate Courses

Senior undergraduate AAMU students who have completed all required courses, and are within 6 hours of graduation may enroll for a maximum of six semester hours of graduate work. Students seeking to enroll in a Graduate course must have a 2.75 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and a letter from their academic advisor granting permission to enroll a graduate course. When graduate courses are taken for undergraduate credit, they may not be used as part of a future graduate program. Seniors who are completing their final semester at other institutions will be considered for admission when they present the following documents:

  1. Official undergraduate transcript.
  2. Letter from the institution’s Registrar stating the student has applied for graduation and will graduate that semester if the courses enrolled in are successfully completed.

Admission, if granted, will be contingent upon the receipt of the diploma or a letter from the Registrar indicating that the student has completed the requirements for the degree and when the degree will be awarded. The student will also be required to provide the School of Graduate Studies, Office of the Dean with an official transcript within 30 days of registration.