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Master of Science in Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist Program provides quality academic training and professional experience through interdisciplinary study. It is specifically designed to provide employees of organizations, entrepreneurs, and community leaders with skills that offer information transfer, negotiation, problem-solving, persuasion, cultural/social processing, team building, management, and leadership. The degree also provides students with a greater understanding of how effective communication shapes successful strategies, structures, and processes in organizations and society. By designating a specialization: Business, Communication Science, Athletic Brand Management, and Fashion Communication.

About This Program

Individuals with a bachelor degree outside of the Mass Communications or Communicative Science field will receive the prerequisite courses to bring them up to speed.


Business, Communication Science, Athletic Brand Management, and Fashion Communication

Career Fields

Director of Communications, Athletic Director, Executive Director, Athletic Marketing Mgr., Fashion Publicist, Press Secretary, Brand Entrepreneur, Sports Agent/Mgr., Spokesperson

Department Information

Visit the Visual, Performing, & Communication Arts website

Contacts Information

Michelle M. Walton, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies, Program Coordinator