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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Our Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program is fully accredited by the Council of Social Work Education and is committed to prepare students for an entry-level generalist practice. We offer the B.A. in Social Work program at the main campus as well as at Lawson State Community College. 

Smiling B.S.W. students pose with the department chair.
Social Work students pose for a picture with the department chair.

About This Program

Grounded in the core values of the profession and implemented within an EPSE (ecological perspective, problem-solving model, and empowerment perspective) framework, the mission of the Social Work Program at Alabama A&M University is to prepare students, particularly those from historically oppressed populations, for holistically competent and ethical entry-level generalist practice. The program is committed to preparing students who will promote human and community well-being, demonstrate respect for human diversity, engage in scientific inquiry, be committed to life-long learning, and demonstrate knowledge of and an ability to engage in professional practice that recognizes the interconnections between social policy, social, economic and environmental justice and vulnerable populations in rural and urban communities locally, nationally and globally.

Career Fields

A bachelor's is the entry-level credential of professional social workers. It is most suited for entry-level positions in areas such as family services, child welfare, public health, and substance abuse.

Department Information

Visit the Social Work website

Contacts Information

Helen Fischle, MSW,

Assistant Professor, BSW Program Coordinator
( 256 ) 372-7226