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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Environmental Science majors can specialize in soil science, environmental health science, remote sensing and geographic information systems. This major provides students with a strong background in environmental, related sciences, and for regulatory governmental positions that require interdisciplinary training. Students take courses in chemistry and instrumental analyses related to pollution abatement. The program prepares students for further graduate study.

About This Program

The Environmental Science program combines both theoretical study and practical training in preparing students to address significant issues related to air, soil, and water quality. Through knowledge application and research experiences, students are fully equipped for entry into positions that require strong interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, including biology, chemistry, physics, and soil science.


  • Diverse Issues in Higher Education’s Top 100 Degree Producers, AAMU was ranked in the top 10 producers of African American graduates in Biological Sciences in the nation.
  • AAMU is designated as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management by the EPA.
  • More than 90% of students majoring in Environmental Sciences receive summer and cooperative placements with governmental agencies, universities, forestry, biotech, and other agribusiness industries.
  • AAMU has an extensive Environmental Sciences research program that provides unique opportunities for undergraduate students to gain valuable practical experience in their chosen field of study.


  • Agricultural Science
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Plant Science
  • Soil Science
  • Public & Environmental Health

Career Fields

With a degree focus in Environmental Science, students are able to pursue careers as:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Consultants
  • Crop Production Experts
  • Soil Scientists
  • Conservationists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Industrial Agricultural Research Scientists

Department Information

Visit the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences website

Contacts Information

Dr. Wubishet Tadesse,

Department Chair
(256) 372-4219
Carver Complex South Annex Thomas Wing, Room 200