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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

About This Program

The B.S. in Mathematics provides students with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and their applications across various disciplines. Students in the mathematics program will develop strong analytical and problem–solving skills. This program equips graduates with necessary mathematical tools to tackle real-world challenges in fields such as finance, engineering, computer science, and beyond. The B.S. in Mathematics also provides strong foundations for further study at the graduate level or for entry into diverse career paths, including academia, research, data analysis, and quantitative finance.

The B.S. in Mathematics must be paired with a concentration or minor. The choice of a minor for the B.S. in Mathematics program is left to the student, but should be closely related to a career goal.

Department Information

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Contacts Information

Yinshu Wu, Ph.D.,

Coordinator, Department of Mathematics
V. M. Chambers Bldg 235