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Minor in History

Our department offers a minor in History. Students will learn the history of ancient and modern civilizations from around the world. Studies may range from the Early and Middle Ages to modern American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures.
Programs may feature a few core courses in American and World History accompanied by electives in a range of more specific topics. Students seeking a History minor must complete 18 hours in History. Students will have opportunities to participate in internships through the Experiential Learning Opportunities office, where they will get hands-on experience.

About This Program

Topics of Study

  • African American history
  • American history
  • Early and Middle Ages
  • Middle Eastern culture

Departmental and Assessment Requirements

A major or minor in the department follows the scholarship requirements of the University. The student is expected to complete the Core Curriculum Program and satisfy the requirements of the college of Business and Public Affairs. Students who intend to teach in public school systems will follow the program of the School of Education. All Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Sociology majors must complete a minor. A grade of “C” or above must be earned in each major and minor course.

Department Information

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Contacts Information

Michael E. Orok, Ph.D., DBS,

Interim Chair, Department of Social Sciences
(256) 372-5330/5482,
Drake Hall