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Business Administration Concentration in International Business

Photo of International Business students
International Business

About This Program

The concentration in International Business teaches students how to think globally about the business world. They also learn how to manage multinational businesses and how to turn local and national companies into international success stories.

Salaries in International Business

It is difficult to know what to expect from salaries in international business since they reflect already varied salaries in the world of business in general. Many possible career paths are open to those interested in business and travel each with varying levels of supply and demand.

Career Fields

  • Manage imports and exports in multinational corporations
  • Translate for businesses
  • Travel abroad to facilitate business deals
  • Prepare employees for foreign travel and business dealings
  • Study and implement ethical behavior and standards
  • Practice cultural sensitivity in business
  • Represent your company internationally as a sales representative or consultant

Department Information

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Contacts Information

Dr. Jifeng Mu,

Interim Chair, Department of Management, Marketing & Logistics
(256) 372-4796
New School of Business (NSB)
Room 316a