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Academic Advising

Below is a list of Academic Advisors for the College of Agricultural Life and Natural Sciences (CALNS). For additional contact information, please visit the AAMU Directory.

Biological and Environmental Sciences

Department Advisor
Environmental Science – Agricultural Science Dr.Monday Mbila
Environmental Sciences – Environmental Management Dr. Dawn Lemke
Environmental Sciences – Environmental Health Science Dr. Elica Moss

Environmental Science – Soil Science

Dr. Dedrick Davis

Dr. Regine Mankolo

Dr. Monday Mbila

Dr. Zachary Senwo

Environmental Science – Plant Science

Dr. Srinivasa Mentreddy

Dr. Leopold Nyochembeng

Dr. Ventekeswara Sripathi

Environmental Science – Remote Sensing/GIS Dr. Wubishet Tadesse
Environmental Science – Undeclared & Incoming Freshmen Dr. Dawn Lemke
Environmental Science – Transfers · Dr. Wubishet Tadesse
Forestry – Fish and Wildlife Dr. William Stone
Forestry Business Dr. Kozma Naka
Forestry Management Dr. Kozma Naka
Forestry Science Dr. Troy Bowman
Ecology Dr. Xiongwen Chen
Undeclared Forestry Incoming Freshmen Dr. Colmore Christian
Forestry Transfer Dr. William Stone
Forestry Graduate Students Dr. Yong Wang
Biology Majors

Dr. Tyesha Farmer

Dr. Sampson Hopkinson

Dr. Karen Kennedy

Dr. Florence Okafor

Dr. Wubishet Tadesse

Dr. Laricca Thoma

Dr. Conwin Vanterpool

Dr. Qunying Yuan

Community and Regional Planning

Department Advisor
Undergraduate Students                      Dr. Emily Erikson
Graduate Students Dr. Joyce Pressley
Liberal Studies Dr. Jordan Yin

Family & Consumer Sciences

Department Advisor
Human Development and Family Studies                                                       Dr. Sadguna Anasuri
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Dr. Sadguna Anasuri/ Dr. Cynthia Smith
Nutrition and Hospitality Management – Nutrition (Dietetics) Dr. Nahid Sistani
Nutrition and Hospitality Management – Hospitality Management Dr. LaTonya Dixon
Apparel Merchandising and Design – Fashion Design Maria Wilkie
Apparel Merchandising and Design – Fashion Merchandising Arenee Heard

Food and Animal Studies

Department Advisor
Animal Bio Health Science                                                                          

Dr. Gamal Abdelrahim/ Dr. Jorge Vizcarra

Food Science Students

Dr. Judith Boateng

Dr. Stylianos Fakas

Dr. Josh Herring

Dr. Armitra Jackson-Davis

Dr. Lamin Kassama

Dr. Martha Verghese

Dr. Lloyd T. Walker