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Graduate Courses and Semesters Offered





Course # Course Title Fall Spring Summer
PSY502 Descriptive & Inferential Behavioral Statistics X X X
PSY507 Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling X X X
PSY508 Job Development & Placement   X  
PSY509 Vocational Assessment     X
PSY510 Rehabilitation High and Low Technology X    
PSY514 Life Span Developmental Psycholgoy X   X
PSY515 Experimental Psychology   X  
PSY516 Physiological Psychology X    
PSY530 Individual and Family Therapy X X  
PSY553 Case Management for Rehabilitation     X
PSY554 Medical Aspects and Adjustment in Rehabilitation X    
PSY555 Personality & Counseling Theory X X X
PSY556 Group Dynamics (prerequisite PSY 555/559) X X X
PSY557 Organization and Administration of Guidance Services     X
PSY558 Use and Interpretation of Tests (prerequisite 502&585) X X X
PSY559 Counseling Techniques (prerequisite PSY555) X X X
 PSY560  Occupational Psychology X X X
PSY 561 Individual Testing X   X
PSY563 Learning Theory X X X
PSY571 Abnormal Psychology   X  
PSY585 Research in Psychology and Counseling (prerequisite PSY502) X X  
PSY587 Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (prerequisite PSY502)   X  
PSY590 Personality Assessment   X  
PSY591 Psychosocial Aspect of Disabilities   X  
PSY592 Professional Orientation/Issues X   X
PSY594 Advanced Educational Psychology (See advisor) AA only      
PSY595 Counseling Diverse Populations X X X
PSY 597 Counseling Practicum (prerequisited PSY502, 514, 555*, 558, 560, 585, 592, 595) See Advisor* X X X
PSY599 Master's Thesis X X X
PSY602 Industrial Psychology X    
PSY603 Introduction to School Psychology   X  
PSY605 Psychopharmacology X X  
PSY607 Human Sexuality   X  
PSY610 Psychopathology X   X
PSY612/613 School Counseling Internship X X X
PSY615 Seminar in Vocational Rehabilitation   X  
PSY616 Internship in Vocational Counseling X X  
PSY618/619 Psychometric Internship (See advisor) X X X
PSY620/621 Counseling Internship(See advisor) X X X
PSY622/623 Clinical Internship (see advisor) X X X
PSY625 Personnel Psychology      
PSY627 Organizational Psychology   X  
PSY645/646 School Psychology Internship (see advisor) AA only     X
PSY660 Consultation   X  
PSY661 Needs Assessment     X
PSY682 Problems in Counseling Adolescents (see advisor) AA only X    
PSY683 Problems in Administration of Guidance Service (see advisor)      
PSY686 Advanced Social Psychology (see advisor)   X