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Graduate Program Information

The Masters of Science (M.S.) in Counseling program equips future counselors with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a significant impact in their communities.

About this program

This program emphasizes experiential learning, cultural competency, and evidence-based practices, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared to address diverse needs in various professional settings. Join us at AAMU, where you will be mentored by experienced faculty, engage in meaningful research, and become part of a supportive and dynamic academic community dedicated to excellence and service.

career fields

Graduates of the Master of Science in Counseling program are equipped to pursue a variety of specialized roles in the field of mental health and beyond. With this degree, students are prepared for careers that make a significant difference in individual lives and communities. Here are some of the specific job roles that graduates can pursue:

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC): As LPCs, graduates provide counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups to improve mental health and cope with issues like depression, anxiety, and stress.

School Counselor: These professionals work in educational settings, helping students navigate academic, personal, and social challenges. They play a critical role in the development of students from elementary through high school.

Rehabilitation Counselor: These counselors assist individuals dealing with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities live independently. They often collaborate with other health professionals to provide comprehensive care.

How to get started, what shall I submit?

Statement of Purpose 

What personal qualities do you have that you believe would make you a good candidate for the MS in Counseling (Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling) program?” 

“ What led you to choose Counseling as your graduate study of choice instead of other majors?”

“Tell in detail a time when you have been culturally aware of a person’s culture, different from your own, and how it benefited them in your profession.”

  • Recommendations Forms/Letters

Three letters recommending admission that also speak to the candidates ability to form professional relationships. 

  • Resumelisting education background, record of employment, and volunteer activities.

A minimum GPA requirement of 2.75

In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. If you do not already have such a reader, you can download a free reader at Adobe's website: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Software