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Academic Advising

Below you will find a list of the Academic Advisors for the College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences (CEHBS). For additional contact information, please visit the AAMU Directory.

Teacher Education Leadership
  • Samantha Strachan- Secondary Education
  • Johanna Massey - Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • John Murray- Instructional Leadership
English and Foreign Languages
  • Johnnie Hargrove
  • Geremy Cheeks- Sport Management
  • Sara Toth- Physical Education
  • Martin Conkle- Kinesiology
  • Carol Deakin - CSD
  • Horace Carney
  • Michelle Walton
  • Melody Tieman
  • Everton McIntosh Undergraduate Psychology
  • Tonya Davis, Graduate Psychology
  • Sharon Brown, Rehabilitation Counseling Concentration
  • Shatoi Scott, Clinical Coordinator of Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Tonya Davis, Coordinator of School Counseling Concentration
  • Jetaun Bailey, Coordinator of Clinical Concentration
Social Work
  • Helen Fischle,BSW Program Coordinator
  • Christopher Chacha, MSW Program Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Ford, BSW Program Field Coordinator
  • Helen Egson, MSW Program Field Coordinator
  • Willie Diggs, Director of Field Education
  • Turenza Smith-Woods, Off-Site (LSCC) Coordinator, BSW/MSW Programs
Department Advisors