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Academic Advising

Below you will find a list of the Academic Advisors for the College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences (CEHBS). For additional contact information, please visit the AAMU Directory.

Email Address
English and Foreign Languages
Dr. Jarrod Patterson
Dr. Gatsinzi Basaninyenzi
Mr. Jacob Buechler
Dr. Tracy Gholston
Ms. Pamela Manasco
Dr. Robert Powell
Health Sciences, Human Performance
Kinesiology (Graduate)
Dr.Janet Mmbaha Zarnesky
Dr. Martin Conkle
Sports Magnagement
Dr. Geremy Cheeks 
Dr. Justin Garner
Physical Education 
Alecia Pace(A-E)
Myon Boyd(F-H)
Corine Williams (I-L)
Sarah Toth (M-Z)
Dr. Adrain Christopher
Early Childhood Education  Program
Dr. Annette Mohan
Dr. Ricardo Hill
Dr. Dione Hamilton


Elementary Education Program 
Dr. Takisha Durm
Johanna Massey


Educational Leadership Program
Dr. John Murray


Secondary Education
Dr. Nathan Blom
Social Science and English
Dr. Samatha Strachan
Math and Science


BSW Program(Main Campus)
Helen Fischle A-D
Elizabeth Ford E-M
Shannon McN-T
Christopher Chacha W-Z
BSW Program Lawson Campus (Birmingham)
Ms. Dalila Bass,MSW, LICSW
BSW Students  at LSCC


MSW Program- Main Campus
Dr. Mildred Delozia
MSW Students on Main Campus -Last Name A-BR & S-T
MSW Program - Main Campus
Dr. Sam Choi
MSW Students on Main Campus -Last Name BS-DE & U-V
MSW Program-Main Campus
Dr. Rachel Robinson
MSW Students on Main Campus with the Last Name DF-HAR & W-X
MSW Program-Main Campus
Dr. Cassandra Scott
MSW Students on Main Campus with the Name HAS-L & M-N
MSW Program-Main Campus
Dr. Katina Lang Lindsey 
MSW Student on Main Campus Last Name O-R & Y-Z
MSW- Program-Lawson
Dr. Turenza Smith-Woods
MSW Students at LSCC Last Name: O-Z 
Back-up for BSW Students at LSCC
MSW Program-Lawson Campus(Birmingham)
Dr. Raymond Adams
Undergraduate Program
Dr. Everton McIntosh  (A-H)
Dr. Adrienne Parham  (I–P)
Dr. Leatha Bennett       (Q–Z)
Graduate Psychology
Dr. Tonya Davis (Clinical A-Z; School Counseling A-H)
Dr. Brownrigg- (Counseling E-M)
Dr. Sharon Brown (Rehab- A-L)
Dr.  Shatoi Scott (Rehab- M-Z)
Dr. Jo Lauren Weaver (Counseling A-D)
Dr. Kristy LaMar (Counseling N-Z) 


Dr. Horace Carney (Graduate and Mus. Education Concentration)
Dr. Mira Kruja (Piano)
Dr. Shonda Devine (Voice)
Dr. Doug Black (Lower brass Undergrad and Graduate students)
Tell Lott (Upper brass students)
Carlton Wright
Sierra Hammond (Voice students)
Communucation Specialist
Dr. Michelle Walton
Communication Media
Dr. William Nevin
Semaj Robinson (production)
Jill Coon (performance)
Communicative Sciences and Disorders (Undergraduate and Graduate programs)
Dr. Diana Billings (A-L)
Dr. Hope Reed (M-P)
Ms. Esther Embden (R-Z)
Visual Art (Undergraduate)
Ms. Tamika D. Williams (Graphic Design concentration/transfer students)
Mr. Scott Smith (Studio concentration/transfer students)
Ms. Melody Tiemann (studio concentration/transfer students)
Mr. Wesley Ortiz (studio concentration)