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Photo of Peter Eley, Ph.D., Interim Dean CEHBS
Peter Eley, Ph.D., Interim Dean CEHBS

Dean’s Message

START HERE AND GO ANYWHERE; welcome to "The Hill" from the Office of the Dean for the College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences (CEHBS).

The College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences boasts an enrollment of over 1,500 students who are Aggressively Acquiring Mastery in the University's largest academic unit. We support our students through six academic departments, three centers, and a speech clinic. We offer our students a choice of a Ph.D. in Reading (on hold), programs at the Education Specialist level in education, ten master's degrees, and twelve bachelor's degree programs. In Fall 2024, our programs are expanding to include a fully online Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction with multiple concentrations.

CEHBS supports three centers: The Center for Educator Preparation and Certification Services, which includes the Office of Field Experiences & School Partnerships and Certification Services, the AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center, and the Writing Center. These centers help to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere that breeds collaboration among departments and community partners. The centers also serve as an innovation hub for learning the newest technologies, pedagogy, and practicum in teaching and learning. Moreover, our Writing Center connects our students to the best writing strategies by providing expertise in formulating the abstract to the concrete as ideals become realized in written form. Our Writing Center also supports all academic units at the University. CEHBS provides community service to our community through our on-campus Speech & Hearing Clinic. The clinic is supported by certified faculty and graduate students who use and develop their communication expertise by working collectively with the community to provide services, education, and awareness of communication disorders.    

CEHBS is home to over 115 faculty members and counting as we expand course offerings and Aggressively Acquire Mastery in all Units for all students. Our faculty is diverse, bringing a wide variety of expertise academically and culturally. Additionally, our programs hold national accreditations and consistently build research capacity to lead. Working with knowledge, integrity, and grit, our faculty and staff develop and mentor excellent students.

Alabama A&M University is a unique place that fosters a collaborative community of growth for faculty, staff, and students. We understand and embrace that we must be lifelong learners to be practical and relevant to society. The strength of the CEHBS is in the character of our people. When we say, "Start Here and Go Anywhere," it is more than a nice catch slogan. It's a belief manifested in our graduates as they started here at AAMU and have gone worldwide.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us by Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or emailing We would love to hear from you.


Bulldog Best,
Peter Eley, Ph.D.
Interim Dean CEHBS

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