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A CEHBS student looks at a painting in a gallery depicting a three-eyed wolf-man against a U.S. flag-like background

College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences

Inspiring minds.

The College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences (CEHBS) at Alabama A&M University provides practical experiences with dedicated faculty and opportunities to prepare students for impactful careers. Graduates are culturally aware and socially responsible, ready to make meaningful contributions in their fields. Join us at CEHBS for a transformative educational journey.

Kindling Careers.

CEHBS provides invaluable skills in growing healthcare, technology, marketing, and public policy industries. Artists and educators foster creativity and innovation, communicators play roles in media and technology sectors, and behavioral scientists contribute to improving mental health and social services.

Supporting Students.

Investing in student success begins with outstanding faculty who inspire, mentor, and elevate learning.

Undergraduate StudiesGraduate Studies
Photo of CEHBS student
My education here has given me the tools I need to be confident and competitive.
Dana Brown, Communicative Sciences & Disorders