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Exhibit: "I Don't Know Art ... But"

Art piece at AAMU Art Gallery
August 28, 2019

... or, art for those who know what they like

When Joe Washington, associate professor of art at Alabama A&M University, was thinking about preparing his first gallery exhibit of the academic year, he knew what he wanted, but he didn’t quite know what to call it.

Then, at some point during the hot, hot summer, it hit him.

Yes!  He would set up a collection of art for myriad interests (i.e., paintings, sketches, photography, digital composites, ceramics, etc.), all especially designed for those who like art, who are perhaps intimidated by it, and yet who, in some piecemeal, semi-cognitive sense, still know what they like.

And—voila!—the “I Don’t Know Art … But” exhibit was born.  Now on display in the AAMU Art Gallery in the R.D. Morrison Building are impressive items from AAMU’s own creative masters, from seasoned art alumni, along with some pieces from private collections.  PHOTOS

“I wanted to open with a strong exhibit,” said Washington, still working on what outsiders might call meticulous details.  The professor and curator stated that the exhibit, which will remain on display through the end of September, will offer students, the AAMU family and the general public a chance to learn about art, as well as to become familiar with the talented art faculty and their specialties.

“This exhibit offers viewers a chance to see quality art in a variety of styles,” said Washington, who has set up exhibits to much acclaim for the Huntsville Museum of Art, Oakwood University, and AAMU’s State Black Archives.

For more information about the “I Don’t Know Art … But” Exhibit, contact Professor Washington at (256) 372-4075.

by Jerome Saintjones