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AAMU Psychologist, Former Grad Student Conduct Workshop for Major Companies

August 02, 2022

Concentrating on Workplace Strategies

A licensed clinician and program coordinator for the Graduate Psychology Program in the Department of Social Work, Psychology and Counseling and her student had a very busy summer session.

Dr. Tonya Davis (left) and Ashley Hawkins, a former graduate student in Davis’ research lab, conducted a series of crisis support groups for the employees of Netflix, Delta Airlines and YouTube/Google.  

Davis indicated that she was initially contacted to facilitate “clinical mental health seminars focused on mental health awareness and workplace strategies for addressing suicide awareness.”  The companies’ requests changed, however, following the announcement of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, noted Davis.

The professor said she is pleased with the trend toward the corporations addressing the mental health and workplace concerns of their employees. 

“I am happy to be able to offer graduate students an opportunity to gain experience in the field,” said Dr. Davis.  “I hope to extend relationships with these and other companies in the future for AAMU psychology students.”