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AAMU Virtual Backgrounds

Campus Image
May 20, 2020

Personalizing Your "New Normal"

Work.  Church.   Distant relatives and friends.  Have you been “Zooming” like there’s no tomorrow?   Well, thanks to a polite nudge from Jody Jones in English and Foreign Languages, the PR Office has provided a few images that might make the “new normal” at Normal a little more pleasing.

Please click on the AAMU Virtual Backgrounds link, check out a preferred image, and download a background from any of the 18 images:   

Among the selections are:

Virtual 1) General Campus Image

Virtual 2) Engineering Building

Virtual 3) COBPA (Front)

Virtual 4) Mascot at Game

Virtual 5) Aerial View of Campus

Virtual 6) Chase and Meridian Corner

Virtual 7) Wilson Building (State Black Archives)

Virtual 8) COBPA (from Northeast)

Virtual 9) COBPA (Rear)

Virtual 10) Councill Statue

Virtual 11) AAMU Sign (Meridian)

Virtual 12) Logo (Meridian)

Virtual 13) Quad Banners

Virtual 14) Bell Tower

Virtual 15) Chambers Building

Virtual 16) LRC

Virtual 17) McCormick Building

Virtual 18) Stadium Aerial

Simply follow directions from Zoom or your favorite platform site on how to add the image as your background. 

- Jerome Saintjones