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RodTee: The Rest of the Story

March 15, 2022

The Adventures of RodTee

On our last visit with the incomparable Roderick “RodTee” Abernathy, CEO of Rod Tee’s REAL RADIO 101, we delved into his exciting Birmingham-based broadcast venture, which has ably worked as a “springboard” for up and coming artists, linking them to the professionals upon which they can expand their careers.

But that was only one part of the story.  PHOTOS

rodtee2A lion’s share of his interests involves his energetic interaction with the Birmingham Squadron, the NBA G-League affiliate team of the New Orleans Pelicans, performing almost every professional feat imaginable, from working the sideline to handling photography to individual team interviews. 

Of course, the term “Squadron” plays upon the collective noun used for a group of pelicans, as well as Alabama’s history in military aviation, conjuring the Tuskegee Airmen of the 99th Pursuit Squadron.

Players with whom Rod Tee has developed great interactions include popular Huntsville John Petty, Jr., and Joe Young, an Indiana Pacer pick he dubs as “the 4th Quarter Landlord.”

 There’s forward Zylan Cheatham who, once back from the Miami Heat and the Utah Jazz, was summoned for two back-to-back 10-day contracts with the Birmingham Squadron.

rodtee mediaAnother Rod Tee highlight is Malcolm Hill, who was called by the Chicago Bulls for a stint of significant playing time.

As of this moment, RodTee is making sure that the members of a younger generation "who are truly dedicated to their passion" are seen.

"My media angle is to indirectly provide a shining light on the kids who are not seen--consistently or at all," said RodTee.  "By interviewing and other sideline media, I can dive first-hand into changing the lives of athletes and budding entrepreneurs with minimal resources. That was once me!" 

Stay tuned for future adventures.

- J. Saintjones