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A Virtual Stroll Through the AAMU Art Gallery

Faces Exhibit
May 01, 2020

"FACES" of Fresko

Now that the Alabama A&M University Art Gallery in the R.D. Morrison Fine Arts Building is closed air-tight because of COVID-19, art lovers can still take a stroll through the gallery via a virtual slideshow featuring the works.   

One of the most exciting showings this spring was the “Faces” exhibition of recent works by Jamal “Fresko” Turner, a 2010 AAMU graduate of graphic design.    … TAKE A STROLL

“Fresko works in the medium of digital illustration, producing large scale works on canvas utilizing a visually striking monochromatic palette,” described Joseph Washington, curator.  “These images of icons of popular culture are monumental in content, as well as form transcending mere likenesses and evoking a sense of ‘personality.’”