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Administrator Serves on Summer Faculty of Noted CBMI

Batiste CBMI
August 01, 2022

Teaching on Higher Ed Budgeting Process

A chief Alabama A&M University recently served on the summer faculty of a prestigious institute.

Dr. Lynda Batiste, interim vice president for business and finance, served as a faculty member for the College Business Management Institute (CBMI) this summer, representing Alabama A&M University in Lexington, Ky., during the program's run from July 24-28, 2022. 

Dr. Lynda Batiste taught two courses focused on "Understanding the Budgeting Process in Higher Education" and "Bridging the Relationship Between Academic Affairs and Fiscal Affairs."

Co-sponsored by SACUBO and the University of Kentucky, CBMI offers an intensive course of study in business and financial management for administrators of colleges and universities. Ranging from entry level to advanced. Approximately 50 courses will be taught during CBMI 2022 by distinguished faculty who are practicing administrators and leaders in their fields.

CBMI is designed to provide participants with an overview of current issues and procedures applicable to institutions of higher education large and small, public and private. Individuals participate in one week of instruction each summer for three years to earn a certificate of completion.

Other positions held by Dr. Batiste include director of finance for the Southern University Agriculture Research and Extension Center, as well as instructor and fiscal assistant; trainer with the Southern University Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Development; and teaching positions with Southern University and Baton Rouge Community College.  Dr. Batiste is knowledgeable of the accreditation process and has served as member of three on-site SACSCOC reaffirmation committees, three off-site committees and one special committee. She has also presented at a number of professional association conferences and meetings.