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Students Bring Pep to Vax Effort

Vax Video
March 02, 2022

Innovation, Energy and Excitement

The Alabama A&M University Bulldog COVID Peer Response Team created and produced a student-led video to bolster COVID prevention efforts on campus.  Kudos to Olivia Williams, Morgan Myrick, Mandy Nettles and Cam Gildersleeve for their visionary roles in both the project and as part of the team. 

vax2Intervention efforts focusing on community and organization are most likely to be successful when compared to concentrating solely on individuals. Our contact at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Brian Mann states, "I appreciate all the effort and energy AAMU students are putting into normalizing vaccination in their communities,” said Brian Mann, AAMU’s contact at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  “They are future leaders in my eyes.” 

Financial support for the video project was provided through the American College Health Association’s  COVID-19 Student Ambassador Mini-Grant awarded to Dr. Sarah Toth, assistant professor, Department of Health Science, Human Performance & Communicative Disorders.  

Please see the link to the video below:

AAMU Bulldogs Vax That Thang Up!