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AAMU's USDE Award Will Further Boost Minority STEM Careers

September 07, 2022

3-Year Grant Totaling $750K for Animal Bio-Health Sciences

Alabama A&M University’s program in Animal Bio-Health Sciences (ABHS) has received the support it needs to retain and to graduate minority students through innovative hands-on techniques, in addition to remote learning opportunities.

verghese 6The U.S. Department of Education has awarded AAMU a three-year grant totaling $750,000 under USDE’s Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP), one of the largest grants received in more recent years in the Food and Animal Sciences Department.  The grant will be facilitated at AAMU by Dr. Jorge Vizcarra, professor of food and animal sciences and the ABHS program coordinator. 

ABHS began in 2014 and, while not a decade old, has steadily attracted more than 100 students a year.  Following an enhancement of the program at the undergraduate level, Vizcarra (third from left) and co-PIs (l-r, Drs. Gamal Eden Abdelrahim, Josh Herring and Martha Verghese) will begin to explore the feasibility of establishing an animal bio-health sciences program at the master’s level.

If successful throughout the three-year period of grant support, AAMU will offer the nation a steady supply of underrepresented minorities, primarily African Americans, to the important field of animal bio-health sciences, ultimately leading to their impact on animal science research, animal health and welfare, pre-harvest food and feed production.

For additional information about the Animal Bio-Health Sciences program at AAMU, contact Dr. Jorge Vizcarra at (256) 372-8016.

by Jerome Saintjones