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Engineering Professor Authors Three Recent Works

Civil engineering professor
February 18, 2021

Professor Makes Prolific Start

Although she joined the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in fall 2020, an assistant professor at Alabama A&M University has already published recent work in three journals.

Dr. Pooja Preetha co-authored “Assessment of Climate Variability and Short-term Land Use Land Cover Change Effects on Water Quality of Cahaba River Basin” (2021) in the International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology.  The study examined the short-term impacts of land use land cover (LULC) changes and climate variability on the water quality of the Cahaba River watershed in Alabama.

Preetha also joined a team of three authors for an Ecological Indicators journal article on “Assessment of Environmental Flow Requirements Using a Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Model and a Flow Health Tool: A Case Study of Son River in the Ganga Basin.”  The study aims to help quantify and assess environmental flow requirement and to develop management practices.

A third piece, published among the proceedings of the AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting 2020, deals with the “Evaluation of Rapid Conversion Zones and Atmospheric Nitrate Deposition Interactions Using Multi-Criterion Modeling Approach and Remotely-Sensed Data.”

Dr. Preetha earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in civil engineering at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.  She received the Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).