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AAMU to Review Campus Building Names

Bibb Graves
June 10, 2020

Ensuring the Values and Beliefs of All

As a higher educational institution, Alabama A&M University embraces diversity and views education as a vehicle for social mobility and social change.  The events of the past few weeks in this nation have brought renewed attention to vestiges of racism that continue to divide us as a nation.  “The common good” can only be achieved when we are willing, collectively, to address issues that impede our moving forward as a nation.  Within that context, Alabama A&M University joins with other institutions of higher education and governmental entities in reviewing the names of buildings and structures on the campus that may not be reflective of the values and beliefs of all peoples.  Consistent with our policy, appropriate recommendations will be made to the Board of Trustees upon completion of the review.  Concomitantly, Alabama A&M calls for efforts to address those existing policies whose genesis is rooted in the symbolism which these structures and places represent.