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AAMU Students Author Paper for HR Pros

hr student paper
September 09, 2022

What's Urgent and What's Important

Three Alabama A&M University business students have authored a paper that will be distributed to professionals at the Northern Alabama Society for Human Resource Management Workshop on September 13 and later published in Business and Management Research.

"Strategic Human Resource Management: Distinguishing the Urgent and the Important," was written by Nelka Ortega-Cotto, Raidah Bhuyan and Charles LaGrand.   The paper was co-authored by Dr. Cam Caldwell, adjunct professor in AAMU’s College of Business and Public Affairs.  A total of five AAMU students will attend the event, distribute the paper, and participate in a presentation by Dr. Caldwell. 

Caldwell’s presentation involving the students will focus on “Ethical Responsibilities of Human Resource Professionals.”  He also has written several papers for publication in Business and Management Research on the topics of human resource management and ethics, including 2021’s “Six Myths of Human Resource Management.”