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AAMU Grad's Viral Video Will Be Premiered at Super Bowl

Lance Piri
February 08, 2023

Inspiring Work Regains Momentum

About five years ago, Alabama A&M University graduate and filmmaker-photographer Lance Piri captured the fiery motivational speech of YouTube sensation William King Hollis.  The charismatic Hollis was addressing a Sparkman High School team whose feet were inches away from a bus that would transport them to a championship contest.

Before long Piri's video of Hollis had become viral.  Somewhere along the way, the NFL got wind of the video, and now it will make it into prominence again in grand Super Bowl prominence.  The two first received noticed about the possibility of the video receiving some extra traction nearly six months ago.  

Piri said the video will be worked into the coveted schedule on the Saturday before the Super Bowl and on Sunday, February 12, before Super Bowl kickoff.  

Approximately six years ago, Piri said goodbye to his engineering job in order to pursue his passion for filmmaking and photography full-time.  Launching his career as a member of the media crew for the mighty Marching Maroon and White Band of his beloved AAMU and as popular graduation and wedding photographey, Piri has not looked back.

Born in Huntsville, Ala., into an ambitious family of AAMU-Nigerian graduates, Piri is a twin and 2012 Johnson High School grad who said his family has always embraced and fully supported his dreams.  He continued and completed his degree in mechanical engineering at AAMU, even as his passion for filmmaking and photography bloomed.

The showing of his work at the Super Bowl is but one highlight of 2023, Piri said.  In November, the same month his favorite marching band will be performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Piri will be getting married to fiance Victoria Zeigler.

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