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Campus Affirms Beauty of Spring

Campus Spring Beauty
April 09, 2021

You Always Find What You're Looking for

No doubt, some wise old person once said, 'If you're looking for trouble, you'll find it.'  Perhaps, the same can be said for things like beauty, peace, love, solitude, contentment, and the start-all-over essence of spring.  PHOTOS

A slow Sunday stroll on the campus of Alabama A&M University one spring morning reveals  countless scenes of what's missed aside the 'experiment called life' that too often goes awry.  Forget, if you can, the many lingering concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the deemed planned attacks nationwide on voting rights, the endless assaults to humanity on every front--forget it all for a few minutes.

Fill the void instead with a observant walk along a nearly-empty, hilly campus and witness a goose that has claimed and nestled in a depression in a parking lot as another stands guard.  Squint to see new greenery bursting from the tips of limbs reaching downward to human eyes, all for you.  Hear dogwood blossoms clamor for your attention in a light breeze as birds audition merrily without a care in their world or ours.

Then perhaps, you, too, will realize that the world can and will go on.  The selfish are cursed by never having enough.  But those who dare to find joy in the simplest things, somehow, are still rich beyond measure.

- Photos/Text by J. Saintjones