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AAMU Mathematician Achieves International Distinction

July 29, 2022

Prolific Professor Makes Mark

An Alabama A&M University professor’s research in mathematical physics (primarily quantum optics) has earned him International distinction by

Dr. Anjan Biswas achieved a national ranking of 767 in the field of physics and a world ranking of 1,480.  Thus, with his current “H-index” of 91, having over 35,000 citations from more than 1,200 publications, Biswas has enabled the University a spot on the map, a distinction several research institutions  did not accomplish.

Top universities with scientists having H-index of 70 or higher are listed in the global ranking.  Through Biswas’ efforts, AAMU made it to the list with a national ranking of 119 and a world ranking of 356.

“AAMU thus proudly makes a mark in the world with such a globally renowned and prolific physicists on board,” noted Dr. Salam Khan, professor of mathematics and director of the AAMU Noyce Scholarship Program.