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AAMU Joins Internet2 Community

April 29, 2020

AAMU Joins High-Tech Consortium

Alabama A&M University is now a higher education member of the Internet2 Community, according to a letter to AAMU’s ITS office received from Internet2’s president and chief executive officer Howard Pfeffer.

“The Internet2 community thrives as a result of the shared recognition among our members that we can achieve much more together than we could ever accomplish individually,” noted Pfeffer. “Through this collaborative spirit, we create a national technology infrastructure that serves as a collaborative environment for many of the nation’s researchers. As partners, we aspire to ensure that our country’s next generations of great minds are limited only by their imaginations.”

Internet2 is a non-profit, advanced technology consortium founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996.  It provides national, globally interwoven technology infrastructure and collaboration capabilities for the nation’s researchers, scholars and learners. 

Internet2 facilitates “mission-critical” technology for U.S. higher education institutions. It enables the power of collaborative scale to make possible vitally important capabilities that no single institution could produce on its own and no other source will provide.