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Physicist Publishes New Book

Batra 4
October 04, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide

An Alabama A&M University physicist has published his fifth book, “Advanced Nuclear Radiation Detectors: Materials, Processing, Properties and Applications.”

Dr. A. K. Batra’s new book is being dubbed “a comprehensive guide” to the current state-of-the-art science and technology involved in the analysis and development of Book Covergamma-ray nuclear materials for a range of applications, including commercial, medical, industrial, military and space. 

Moreover, Batra’s work is published by IOP Publishing, which holds an impressive portfolio of journals, books, conference proceedings and science news resources focusing on physics, materials science, biosciences, astronomy and astrophysics, environmental sciences, mathematics and education.

Lastly, the book expertly covers fundamentals, applications and the latest research; processing techniques; potential materials for use in nuclear detection; and looks into the future of nuclear detectors.