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AAMU Alumna Has Visited All 50 States and 7 Continents

AAMU Alumna and Attorney Angela L. Dixon in Antarctica
March 23, 2024

Start Here, Go ... Everywhere - Dixon Plants Flags on Every Continent

Alabama A&M alumna Angela L. Dixon is an attorney, administrative judge and college professor who loves to travel. Despite her busy schedule, the Mobile, Alabama native says the opportunities she experienced at AAMU helped fuel a passion for travel. Today, she has managed to visit all 50 states and all seven continents.

How did she do it? 

“I've been traveling since I was 16 when I went on my first flight to San Francisco with my parents,” says Dixon. “While at A&M, I traveled to Oregon for a summer program which took me back to the west coast. When I graduated, I took a job as a federal employee with the Department of the Army after interviewing on campus and moved to Pennsylvania. That’s when I began to travel more because work trips took me all over the country.” 

Dixon earned her English degree at Alabama A&M University in 1993 and went on to earn her MBA at St. Ambrose University and Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa College of Law in 2003.

Dixon in South Africa

“When I went to law school I studied abroad in South Africa for two months and was able to travel to various countries,” says Dixon. “Upon getting my law license, I continued to travel for work and pleasure. I initially wanted to complete the 50 states before I turned 50 in 2021, but the pandemic put that on hold. Ultimately, I was able to finish in November 2023.”

Dixon’s work has allowed her to live in several states including Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Oregon. She says visiting all 50 states was quite an experience.

“Some of the states were surprisingly beautiful,” says Dixon. “Boise, Idaho, is easy-going with friendly people and good food. In Burlington, Vermont, my hotel room overlooked Lake Champlain and the mountains. I enjoy the west because of the mountains, and Florida because of the beaches. I must say my favorite state is California. I have gone there many times.”

Dixon says highlights from her international travel include visiting Cape Town, South Africa; Beijing; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; Zanzibar; Accra, Ghana; Rome; Madrid; London; Paris; Amsterdam; Sydney; the Fiji Islands; Cancun, Mexico; Athens, Greece; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Islands in the Caribbean and Antarctica.

Dixon in Paris

“I did not have an issue communicating because English is widely used so there is always someone around who you can understand and assist you,” says Dixon. “I also tend to stay in American brand hotels especially when I travel solo just for that familiarity. Every trip is worth experiencing the cuisine, culture and architecture.”

Dixon in London

Dixon has more than 15 years of experience as an online adjunct professor teaching Business, Education and Employment Law at Purdue Global Law School, University of Maryland Global Campus, and Southern New Hampshire University. She also owns her own firm, The Law Office of Angela L. Dixon P.L.L.C. in Humble, Texas.

“My practice areas are civil law including, business, school law, employment law, landlord and tenant, and personal injury law,” says Dixon. “I previously worked for the City of Houston as a parking judge and adjudicated parking and red-light citations. I am involved with the bar association and served as editor-in-chief of our bar magazine.”

Along with travel, Dixon also has another passion, Game Shows. She’s been a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” (2007), “The Price is Right” (2012 and 2024), and “Let’s Make a Deal” (2016).

Dixon on "Wheel of Fortune"

“I won $22,700 on ‘Wheel,’ including a trip to Paris,” says Dixon. “On  ‘The Price is Right,’ I won a Toyota Rav 4, trips to Paris and Amsterdam, weight equipment, a diamond ring and necklace and laptop. On  ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ I won a 50-inch television, living room set, and cable for a year. I researched, planned, and prepared to get selected for the game shows and have since coached others who have also been selected.”

Remarkably Dixon has added author to her list of accomplishments. She and her parents recently published “Wisdom from Willie, Jewels from Jessie: Simple Lessons to Help You Live A Long and Fulfilling Life.” “It’s a heartwarming memoir that shares fourteen life lessons anyone can learn from and build on,” says Dixon.

Dixon and Her Parents

Dixon does not have any new travel goals, but says when the R&B group New Edition goes on tour, so does she. She was there for the entire first run of their Las Vegas residency that ended March 9. Dixon also takes her parents on yearly trips to places they’ve always dreamed of. She says she’s always looking for the next adventure and says she expanded her horizons on The Hill.

Dixon with New Edition March 2024

“I will always be thankful for my professors at A&M who guided me, believed in me, and encouraged me to make an impact in this world,” says Dixon. “I'm so grateful for the incredible experience I had at Alabama A&M University. As a senior, I was able to do an externship with the late Attorney Sherryl Snodgrass Goffer and receive credit for it, which set the groundwork for me to become an attorney. The school was so supportive and encouraging, and I owe everything to that foundation.”